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Resilient Survivor Turned Visionary CEO

Stephanie McGraw


"Having survived my own ordeal with domestic violence, I felt compelled to plant deep seeds of life in other women, using the tools and services I longed for when they were unavailable."

~ Stephanie McGraw

Stephanie McGraw is the founder and CEO of WARM (We All Really Matter) domestic violence organization. Stephanie gave birth to WARM in 2010 coming out of her own vicious cycle of abuse. Throughout her journey, Stephanie yearned to see service providers working through an inclusive, culturally competent lens. She established WARM, becoming the first Black woman to create a domestic violence agency in Harlem. Stephanie established an organization of Black and brown survivors who use their lived experiences to shape their care for other survivors of domestic abuse. WARM works to provide comprehensive wraparound services for survivors of domestic violence, planting deep seeds of life. Stephanie works tirelessly to provide safe spaces and resources to survivors of domestic violence from ALL backgrounds.  She started in Harlem, is now city-wide, has expanded to provide economic empowerment services in Ghana and throughout Africa, and knows that her work will soon WARM the entire world.

Stephanie McGraw

Founder & CEO

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